Other modalities used at Jade Spring to support your healing


Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine will accelerate your healing and is essential for creating long lasting improvement. Formulas are tailored to treat specific patterns and symptoms of imbalance and will enhance the work we do with acupuncture.



Glass or plastic cups create suction on the skin and underlying tissue to soften muscular tension and separate the fascial and muscle layers. This promotes blood flow into the treated area and eliminates pain and stiffness.


Electrical Stimulation

Needles are attached to a device that produces a gentle electrical pulse to stimulate acupuncture points. This treatment is often used to reduce pain and stimulate healing and is an effective way to treat muscular trigger points.


IgG Food Sensitivity Testing

This test detects food sensitivities and the presence of candida. Both factors can contribute to systemic inflammation and many chronic health conditions. Read the blog post about The Importance of Recognizing Food Sensitivities.


Auricular Therapy

The ear is a micro-system of our body and stimulating points on the ear is a powerful enhancement to acupuncture. It is a direct way to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and enhance relaxation.



The herb Chinese Wormwood is burned near the the skin to stimulate acupuncture points and introduce warmth into the body. It can be used for digestive or gynecological problems, fatigue, tissue regeneration and pain. 



Acupuncture treatments can be enhanced by adding 30 minutes of massage to the appointment. This can be particularly helpful when treating muscular skeletal conditions, pain or stress. (Not available for 1st appointments.)



This 'rubbing' therapy uses the edge of a hard instrument to vigorously work over the skin's surface and increase local blood flow. It is most often used to treat muscular tension or stiffness and can be used to fight off colds and flu’s.


Trigger Point Injection Therapy

Injection therapy involves injecting a combination of saline and homeopathic remedies into painful trigger points in order to release them. It will accelerate healing of trigger points and support injury rehabilitation.