10 Things I Wish Every American Knew About Health

Check out Dr. Lawrence Rosen’s blog titled: 10 Things I Wish Every American Knew About Health


I couldn’t agree more with the first thing Dr. Rosen’s lists:
1. Prevention trumps treatment.
While he doesn’t list acupuncture specifically, this is one of the best preventative therapies out there. When all of our organs and systems are working in harmony diseases won’t develop.

Here are the other items he lists on his top 10.

2. Real food is real medicine.
3. You have to unplug to recharge.
4. You can’t eliminate all the stress in the world… but you can develop better coping skills.
5. Time spent in nature is not a luxury, it’s a medical necessity.
6. You don’t have to choose between conventional health care and alternative medicine.

7. Good relationships are vital to your health.
8. Going green just might save your life.
9. Germs are our friends.

10. Real change is hard work… but it’s worth it.

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