What it takes to arrive at good decisions

Part X of "Understanding the Mysterious Language of TCM"

In previous posts I have talked about the role of the Heart and Small Intestine, both being important players in the process of decision making. To recap: The Heart gives us mental clarity and focus while the Small Intestine helps us distinguish between various options and gives us the ability to discern, evaluate and weigh all of them.

However, that is only part of the picture in the process of decision making, which also require contributions from the Liver, Gall Bladder and Kidneys. The Liver invests us with the  capacity to plan, to dream, and to aspire which is at the core of all decision making. We must want to change and grow and then be able to plan the steps to make our aspirations a reality. The Kidneys on the other hand, provide the drive and will-power for us to go after what we want. Without that driving force, very few dreams would come to fruition. And finally, the Gall Bladder, which in TCM thinking gives us the courage to make decisions as well as take decisive action.

Just as all these organs have to work harmoniously in a physical sense to provide the basis for good health, so too do they need to work together for us to be successful in navigating our life in terms of planning, decision making and moving forward.  

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