Spring Liver Support Program

Spring is here and according to TCM thought, this is the time of year our Liver is the most active. As we transition out of winter - a time when we often eat richer, denser foods, and may not be as active - spring is the body's time to naturally detox and gear up for a more active time of the year. The Liver is essential in carrying out this task of breaking down waste products, detoxing our body and supporting healthy cells, and with that in mind, I'm offering a special Liver support program during April.

Even if you don't feel a strong need to detox at this time, remember that the Liver is also heavily affected by stress. Therefore, you may still want to consider this program as a way to support the Liver to be able to cope and deal with stress more easily.

Liver support program:

  • Two acupuncture sessions using points that support and activate the Liver
  • Each session will include abdominal massage to stimulate blood flow to the visceral organs and relieve tension that is hampering optimal functioning of the Liver
  • Use of a specially formulated massage oil containing herbs that soothe the Liver
  • Herbal formula to support the functioning of the Liver
  • Aromatherapy oils that aid hepatic function
  • Investment: $140

Please contact me, to set schedule your appointments for the Liver support program or with any questions you may have.

Liver Support Program

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