Ten Principles for Growth

I recently attended a wonderful ‘dinner and spiritual discussion’ on the theme of living up to our spiritual potential, and our host shared this very inspiring list of suggestions to live by. It’s from A Course in Miracles (3rd edition 2007, Mill Valley, CA. Foundation for Inner Peace Publisher) and I’m sharing it here because I believe that having a positive and spiritual outlook on life greatly contributes to our health and well-being.

Changing Your Mind About the World: Ten Principles for Growth

  1. Take responsibility for your happiness: The illogical notion that someone else can make you happy sounds something like this: ‘If the world and all the people in it would only change, then I’d be happy.”
  2. Distinguish between real problems and mood-related problems: Almost all of our personal problems and difficult issues are very closely related to the mood we happen to be in when the issue presents itself.
  3. Your feelings are caused by the thoughts you’re thinking: The thoughts you should pay attention to are the thoughts that brighten your spirit.
  4. Look for the silver lining: When you think in a negative manner, you’re actually practicing being unhappy.
  5. Don’t expect others to think like you: Our thought system is a self-contained unit through which we see the world – like a pair of sunglasses that we never take off.
  6. Live in the present: A mind that isn’t distracted with its own thoughts about the past or future is able to make wise, appropriate decisions.
  7. We have a deep source of wisdom within us: Wisdom is a simple, quiet sense of knowing what is right for you.
  8. Count your blessings: It’s where you place your attention that determines how you’re going to feel.
  9. Be an observer of yourself: Anytime you can be aware of and witness your own thoughts, instead of becoming lost or absorbed in them, you’re in a position to grow from your experience rather than being immobilized by it.
  10. It’s OK not to be perfect: There’s no relationship carved in stone between things being other than the way you would like them to be and any unhappiness you attach to those conditions.

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