Treatments for allergy prevention

If you suffer from spring and summer allergies, you are probably looking forward to fall. But if you're among the 10-30% of Americans that is allergic to blooming ragweed, the coming months are not going to offer any reprieve for you.

Prevention is the best medicine
Instead of suffering through the fall, consider starting a series of acupuncture treatments now that will help lessen your symptoms come September and October. I would recommend a series of four treatments in August, plus Chinese herbal medicine, both focused on supporting the immune system. This may need to be followed by a few more treatments and a new herbal formula during the most intense part of the ragweed season.

Sign up for four allergy prevention treatments this week for a $10 discount per treatment. Email, call or text if you'd like to get started. I look forward to hearing from you.

This offer is valid until Sunday 8/10 and based on the rate of $60 per treatment.