Health News Review: All-day sitting hurts the body

In recent weeks I've notice several interesting articles on health issues that I'd like to bring your attention to in the next few blog posts. Click on the link below to read the full article I am reviewing this week:

From the Sept 8 / Sept 15, 2014 issue of Time:

Stand Up for Yourself - All-day sitting hurts the body. Here's a novel way to undo the damage

"Alarming new evidence suggests that even if you clock workouts most days of the week, the more than eight hours the average American spends sitting every day could blunt many of the benefits of breaking a sweat. Indeed, exercise - while critically important - isn't the answer, doctors say. An undeniable scientific tide is pushing us to sit less. A lot less."

The author goes on to list some interesting statistics:

  • 75% of Americans spend most of their day sitting
  • 500-1000: the number of calories office workers don't burn each day because they sit
  • 8+ hours: the number of hours the average adult spends sedentary each day
  • 24% increased risk of colon cancer in people who are highly sedentary

As an acupuncturist and massage therapist one of the many things I like about my profession is that I'm not tied to a desk all day. But after reading this article I've become more aware of how many hours I spend standing, and was amazed at how easy it is to spend many hours a day sitting!

I encourage you to start noticing how much you are standing and would love to hear your creative ways of how to stop sitting so much. Here are some ideas from my post from July 2013: Our bodies are meant to move, not sit for hours.

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