There’s a doctor in the house and it’s you!

Did you know that you are your own doctor?

In the history of medicine, no doctor has ever “healed” a patient! A doctor may have “cured” a problem, but not have “healed” it. Despite years of experience and expertise in particular specialties, doctors cannot heal headaches, a wound or a broken bone. Doctors and drugs are not a cure for anything. The body heals itself because you are your own doctor!

It’s true. You are the only person who can heal yourself, providing that your ability to heal has not been disrupted, weakened or unbalanced. We have all been born with an innate ability for healing ourselves. Our bodies have the capacity to regain and retain the correct balance of healing energies that are needed in order to nourish and support every function of our body, and provide us with good health and well being.

A doctor may remove a gallbladder, an appendix, or cure a potential physical problem, but the healing of the body, mind and spirit that must take place can only come from within.

When a gallbladder is removed, both the actual wound and your body need to heal, adapt, change and rebalance the normal functions of digestion.

The Meridian pathways which traverse your entire body are connected to each organ. According to Chinese medicine, Qi, the healing energy, circulates within these pathways. Qi provides the energy needed to animate each cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. If the Qi becomes disrupted or is weakened, your  cells, tissues, organs and systems of your body will not receive proper nourishment. This can lead to illness and disease.

Acupuncture and other techniques such as herbs, Tui Na, nutrition and exercise can facilitate the smooth and unimpeded flow of Qi throughout your entire body. When Qi travels freely, you can regain your health, and the doctor within can take over and provide you with proper healing.