Tips for Staying Healthy this Fall

Fall is a time that many struggle with colds and flu but I hope that the tips below will help you stay healthy and strong this year. 

Eat warming foods

As the days get cooler, start eating fewer cold salads and instead replace them with warming stews and soups. That way less energy is going into warming your food before breaking it down. You may also think about adding warming spices such as cinnamon and  pepper to  your dishes.

Stay hydrated

This time of year can be particularly dry and while you may not feel as thirsty because it is cooler, it is important to remember to keep drinking plenty of water. It is best to avoid iced water and instead drink room-temperature or even slightly warm water.

Always carry a scarf

In Chinese Medical theory pathogenic factors that produce colds and flu invade the body through the back of the neck. Keeping this area protected against drafts, wind and cold by wearing a scarf will help you stay healthy this season.

Self-massage of acupuncture point Lung-7

This point is one of the foremost for strengthening the Lungs and protecting the body from the pathogenic factors described above. Stimulate it daily by pressing, rubbing or squeezing it. To find it make a thumbs-up sign to create a depression at the base of the thumb…two thumb widths away from this depression is Lung 7. (Image out of Deadman)

Letting go

In Chinese Medicine every season is associated with an organ system and every organ system with an emotion. Fall is connected to the Lungs and Large Intestine, which relate to grief and letting go. Fall is a good time to focus on letting go of old pain and grief. 

When all else fails

If even after following all the above tips, you start feeling a little cold come on, get in for an acupuncture treatment right away. Acupuncture is very effective in preventing that vague feeling of ‘just not quite right’ from becoming a full-blown cold or flu, especially when treated in the very early stages.

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