Treating Allergies with Acupuncture

Even though we are getting a lot of April snow in Denver, for many of you the ‘allergy season’ has already begun. Being plagued by burning eyes, runny nose, itchy skin and sinus congestion is no fun, but is even worse when it keeps going and going as various trees and grasses are in bloom. The good news I want to share with you today is that acupuncture treatments together with herbal medicine are a great way to deal with allergies. Not only will your acupuncturist address your symptoms, but more importantly, we’ll treat the root of the problem.

What is the root of the problem, you ask? Well, from a TCM perspective, usually the problem lies with a weakness in the Spleen and Lung systems. Together these two are responsible for providing our body with a strong defense against external pathogens (such as pollen) and spreading  ‘Defensive Qi’ all over our body. When this function is weak you are more susceptible to the ‘external invaders’ that agitate your mucus membranes and respiratory system. Further more, the Spleen is involved in water metabolism and with weakness, this becomes sluggish and damp conditions set in, which eventually can lead to phlegm. Because of the close relationship between the Spleen and Lungs, damp and phlegm produced by the Spleen, are stored in the Lungs, specifically the nose or sinuses.

So when we set out to treat allergies with acupuncture our treatment  include:

  • strengthening the Spleen and Lungs so they can produce healthy, strong ‘Defensive Qi’
  • expelling any external pathogens
  • transforming and dispelling dampness and phlegm

So, if you are tired of being dependent on your allergy medications to  manage symptoms, give acupuncture a try. :-)