Chinese Herbal Medicine

 Herbal Formulas from Blue Poppy

Herbal Formulas from Blue Poppy

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Chinese herbal medicine is a wonderful complement to acupuncture and is a good way to prolong and maintain changes brought about by treatment. For many medical conditions, especially those that are chronic and complex, herbal medicine is absolutely essential in changing the internal environment of the body so that health can be restored.

Herbal formulas are tailored to treat specific patterns and symptoms of imbalance and thereby effectively treat the condition.

Jade Spring uses high-grade herbal formulas from Blue Poppy, a local company based in Boulder. Their formulas are processed into pill or capsule form and are usually taken twice a day until the condition treated is resolved.

Other forms of herbal medicine include topicals, oils and patches that can be applied externally to the skin to relieve pain, increase local circulation and ease stiffness.