About the myth that periods have to hurt

Menstrual periods have a really bad rap. Before they arrive they can cause irritability, weepiness, and bloating, and once they’re there, they often bring with them cramping, pain and fatigue. There are so many women how struggle with these symptoms that they are often considered normal and are expected. 

Not so! Not normal! This is a sign of internal disharmony. 

Where is the disharmony? Well, there are likely several players. Two important channels when it comes to menstrual health are the “Ren” or Directing Channel and the “Chong” or Penetrating Vessel (pictured). Both run through the uterus and supply it with blood, Yin, Qi and fluids. When there is stagnation or deficiency in those channels, periods become painful, irregular, scanty or absent altogether. 

Other important contributors to menstrual health are:

  • the Liver, in that it is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi 
  • the Kidneys, since they provide the Essence which is the material basis for menstrual blood
  • the Heart, specifically Heart-Yang which combines with the Kidney’s Essence to produce menstrual blood
  • the Spleen, in that it contributes to the formation of Blood 

When treating a woman for menstrual problems, all of these systems will be assessed to determine where the imbalance lies. Once the root of the problem is identified, points and herbal formulas are chosen to bring the body towards balance, which will result in easy and comfortable menstrual cycles. 

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