Happy Clients


Repetitive strain injury

I am a nurse and on my feet 12 hours a day. One day I pulled off one of my compression socks wrong and pulled a muscle in my hip area. I was unable to sit with my legs crossed for more than a minute before I had excruciating pain. With regular visits with Jennifer I have been able to help heal my very overworked TFL muscle through the use of e-stim, accupuncture, cupping, and massage.  I am grateful that I am able to workout as I had before and can stay on my feet for 12 hours without pain.

— sara c.

knee injury, sleep issues

Jennifer is lovely!  She is a genuinely warm and caring person who has her clients best interest at heart.Her office has a warm, calming and relaxing atmosphere which is greatly appreciated. During my consultation for pain and swelling due to a knee injury I mentioned I had frequent migraines and headaches which I am now being treated for as well. The results are fantastic! The migraines and headaches are less frequent and I am also sleeping much better. I highly recommend her.

— Tammie P.

pre & Post surgery support

I started seeing Jennifer as pre-surgery visit by way of a friends recommendation, then followed up every week after knee surgery. The support and relief it brought to me during that time exceeded my expectations and absolutely aided in my recovery. There is no surprise, (almost three years later) I continue to receive acupuncture/massage combination as part of my wellness routine. Jennifer is gifted, kind and professional. Any time a friend asks for who I see, I don’t hesitate to give them her name.

— Amy k.-


Jennifer at Jade Spring Acupuncture is amazing! I've been going to her for over two months now and the experience has truly been life changing!! I'm being treated for my migraines which I've been getting since I was 5 years old. I wasn't sure what results I would see when I first started going, but it's been nothing short of a miracle for me. I went from having at least 5 migraines a week to now having one every 3 weeks something modern western medicine hasn't ever been able to do do for me. I can't even begin to say how incredible it is to not be in pain consistently. A life with little to no headaches or migraines is not something I thought I'd ever experience, but Jennifer has made that a reality for me. She is great at what she does and talks you through the process as she's placing the needles in their respective spots. Jennifer is gentle and provides a very soothing and relaxing atmosphere while you're being treated. I absolutely recommend her to anyone that listens and if you're reading this don't hesitate to make an appointment today. She'll change your life!!!

— jenny R.

The language older than words flows through you - stillness and healing. You are wonderful. From the depth of my heart in gratitude and loving kindness.

— Michael p.

Jenny listened and focused on the areas where I needed most work and that was really appreciated. She is strong and skilled at her craft.

— a.j.

chronic pain & vertigo after Accident

In February 2009 at age 63, I started one-on-one personal training with the goal of maintaining and building strength, balance and flexibility to be able to cope with life’s activities. On February 12, 2016, I was hit in a crosswalk by a car while on a walk to the post office. The results were a 13 staple gash to my scalp, both sides of my tongue black and blue, whiplash conditions for head, back and neck, vertigo and limited movement in both shoulders, a stiff back and lower left leg. I was taken to the ER unconscious and four hours later walked out, slowly, on my own power. My attending physician said I had the body of a 50-year old.

My personal trainer was instrumental in getting me back on track over a two year period. She recommended I go to Jade Spring’s Jennifer Stevenson for acupuncture to support the P.T. work we were doing.

Jennifer was instrumental in solving issues of vertigo, and pain and stiffness in my shoulder, neck, head and lower left leg. She worked with my personal trainer to support my work with her in regaining what I lost in the accident. I am now back to and actually better than I was prior to meeting the Subaru in the crosswalk and I am very grateful to Jennifer and my personal trainer.

Working with Jade Spring has given me a very nice jump in quality of life. Jennifer’s caring personal approach solved the puzzles to my well being and I continue sessions with her as there are continuing benefits in keeping fit for life’s fun and games.

Jennifer brings a lot to the table; strong vision, self confidence, knowledge and intelligence. She has an easy, well-established communication style that brings client success and satisfaction. Her business model is straight forward, well done and provides for the long view. Jade Spring will be a nice addition to your wellness team. Take action for your quality of life!

— Dave p.