Weekend Nurture

Weekend Nurture

For many folks, summer is a very busy time of the year. When the weather is beautiful, we try to cram as many outdoor activities into our weekends as possible to make up for those times of the year when we maybe stuck indoors for weeks. When I get into prolonged periods of intense activity like that, I often end up feeling frazzled and stretched thin and soon enough I'll need some down time to nurture/check in with myself. With that in mind I think it would be great to plan a whole weekend for quiet time and reflection a couple of times a year, and I've outlined a few ideas of what a weekend like that would look like.

Friday evening

Use this evening to prepare for your nurturing weekend. Is there a particular theme you'd like to dedicate the weekend to? Is there an issue or question you want to reflect on? Is the purpose to create a vision for the next few months? Whatever it is, set the tone for the weekend and then get an early night sleep. 

Saturday morning

Start your day with a gentle yoga session followed by meditation and maybe some journaling. Use a dry brush before showering to exfoliate your skin and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Maybe start reading a book that inspires creativity, helps you connect with yourself or explores some aspect of spirituality.  

Saturday afternoon

Go for a hike or brisk walk to stimulate circulation. Enjoy being outdoors and notice the beauty around you. Bring that book you started and find a quite place to enjoy another few chapters.

Saturday evening

Go get a massage and enjoy another quiet evening. Reflect on your day and journal any insights.

Sunday morning

Start your day with the same yoga-journal-dry-brush-ritual then spend some time working in a garden or tending to some plants. I find this to be a wonderfully grounding activity that really stimulates reflection.  

Sunday afternoon

Take a nap and then spend time with something you find beautiful. Maybe visit an art museum, listen to your favorite music, or paint...anything that nourishes your soul and mind.  

Sunday evening

Find a sauna or hot tub or take a hot bath. Use the time to reflect on your weekend and then journal about your experience and write out your hopes and plans for the next few months.

Monday morning

Take that peaceful serene state of mind your created over the weekend into your new week and be gentle with yourself as you re-enter your usual busy schedule.

Spending time nurturing yourself is a great way to recharge your battery so you can go out and be of service to others, engage in meaningful and loving ways, and find joy in even mundane daily tasks.  




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