What in the World is Wei Qi?

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Quite simply put, Wei Qi is what practitioners of Chinese Medicine call the immune system; that barrier that protects the body from harmful pathogenic factors that can cause illness and disease. When we are exposed to germs and viruses, our first line of defense, according to Chinese medicine, is our Wei Qi barrier.

Over time, Wei Qi can become weakened and unbalanced due to many factors, including improper diet, emotional stress, grief, sadness, inherited constitution, smoking, and pollution. 

When our Wei Qi is down, we become prone to allergies, asthma, colds and even skin problems.

Your health and the strength of your immune system depend upon the quality, quantity and balance of Wei Qi that flows within your meridian channels. The winter period can be particularly challenging for those with weak Wei Qi, but a course of acupuncture treatments supplemented by Chinese Herbs, are great ways to strengthen this system and get you through the winter with fewer colds or flu's.

I'd love to support your health if this is a problem you struggle with, so call me with your questions and to set up your health evaluation and first treatment.

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