Cooling Foods to Beat the Heat

Keeping comfortable during long hot summer days can be challenging and knowing what foods to eat can go a long way in helping us stay cool.

Chinese nutritional theory classifies foods depending on their qualities and thermal nature and here is a list of foods that are used to cool the body and clear heat:

  • Banana- while cooling this is also moistening esp. to the large intestine so it can be helpful for constipation
  • Celery- it is best juiced to unlock its therapeutic effect and can be helpful in regulating blood pressure
  • Tomato - promotes body fluids and relieve thirst
  • Cucumber- can be juiced to reduce discomfort from urinary tract infections
  • Watermelon - excellent for overcoming heat stroke because it replenishes body fluids
  • Green or white tea- enjoyed hot this beverage will help cool you down because it will stimulate sweating

Other suggestions for summer eating include:

  • Staying away from coffee as this is considered thermally very hot and drying
  • Foods should be cooked lightly or can be eaten raw
  • Make a variety of brightly colored fruits your snacks

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