Transitioning into Winter

All seasonal changes create some stress for our bodies, but the transition into winter can be particularly challenging for our immune systems.Luckily acupuncture is a great tool to:

  • strengthen immunity

  • reduce the severity of cold and flu symptoms

  • shorten the course of colds and flus

  • help you bounce back quicker.

Chinese Medicine considers a common cold an invasion of "wind", combined with either heat or cold. The wind pathogen enters through the mouth and nose, as well as the neck. The body’s response to the pathogen occurs at the surface level, where ‘righteous Qi’ (our immunity) struggles against the invasion. The lung and spleen system are involved in producing 'righteous Qi', and creating a strong immune barrier against pathogens. Acupuncture treatment is aimed at expelling the pathogen, regulating ‘righteous Qi’ and supporting immunity.

Tea - How I keep from getting sick: In addition to acupuncture, there are many things you can do to support your immunity with food and herbal teas. My go-to tea at this time of year is a lemon tea with fresh minced ginger and a little honey. This is a great drink not only for boosting the immune system, but also at the first sign of coming down with something. If I ever feel a hint of a possible 'invasion', I make a strong brew of my lemon-ginger tea and drink 2-3 cups of it, and usually that prevents me from getting sick.


Food for immunity: Here are links to some of my old blog posts that deal with strengthening immunity that I think will be helpful to you. There are many other blog posts dealing with similar themes on my website, but I think this will give you a good start.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful and looking forward to helping you and your family stay healthy this winter.